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Our Promise


At Les Jardins d'Ambroise, we cultivate with pride and integrity according to the regulations of organic farming in order to offer you healthy and high quality foods.

  • Here, no synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides, no GMOs.

  • Here, our soils are fed by compost and buried green manures.

  • Here, to protect plants against harmful insects, we use multiple strategies. We perform complex crop rotations, plant several varieties and manually install reusable exclusion nets that we remove at the time of pollination. As a last resort, we apply non-persistent organic repellents authorized by Ecocert Canada.

  • Here, we use mechanical means to control weeds: weeding (manual and mechanical).We do not use disposable plastic mulch. Instead, we sow plants (intercropped green manures) to fill the soil between vegetable rows.

  • Here, there is no monoculture. To preserve biodiversity and reduce the incidence of fungal diseases, we do crop rotations by growing about twenty plants from different families and choosing cultivars that are sometimes less productive but more resistant.

  • Here, we work with the greatest respect for Mother Nature, demanding and so generous at the same time. We remain aware that this Earth does not belong to us: it is only borrowed from our children.

  • Here, our customers' and employees' health and well-being are at the heart of our approach. They enjoy a friendly and safe work environment by not being exposed to toxic products. We encourage friendship, respect and creative thinking.

  • Here, the quality and safety of our vegetables is key. All our vegetables are harvested by hand, and all our sowing and shipping processes are supervised by rigorous computerized specifications allowing the complete traceability of each batch.

Here are our current certifications:

At Les Jardins d'Ambroise, we are committed to provide fresh, healthy and organic vegetables of the highest quality. We constantly put all the necessary efforts to live up to your expectations and to be worthy of your trust.


We are honored to help feed your family.

Thank you for your trust.


Les Jardins d'Ambroise Team